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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  August 2, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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good afternoon. this is news4 at 4:00. topping our news this afternoon, actress lindsay lohan is out of jail today and she is now in a rehab center. >> lohan served two week of her 90-day sentence. she left jail early this morning. tracy strahan report. >> lindsay lohan was released from custody and per a court order, she has been sent directly to her next destination, a treatment center. >> reporter: a flash bulb frenzy awaited her outside the regional detention facility this morning. but the starlet, usually not afraid of the spotlight, may have kept her short walk to freedom, private. she spent less than two weeks behind bars for a 90-day sentence for violating probation for a dui and cocaine possession conviction. the punishment isn't over yet. she now heads straight to rehab. >> lindsay lohan might have gotten away with 12 or 13 days out of 90 in jail but she will do the entire 90 in the rehab
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center. the judge will have a hotline to that center. if she doesn't like what she hears, in terms of progress reports, she could actually extend the 90 days. >> reporter: as part of the original sentence, the 24-year-old actress was supposed to have at least 24 hours after her release to spend with her family. but the judge who ordered that sentence changed the terms last week, ordering lohan to begin her apparently much needed rehab stint right away. the lawyer for the actress voiced her concern that her client wouldn't get a break. >> i'm hoping she'll have some time to spend with her family before she goes to rehab. she has complied with all the orders. she should be able to have 24 hours at home. >> reporter: according to published reports, she will not only receive treatment for addiction but psychological issues as well. >> inmates serving tame for nonviolent offenses typically have their sentences reduced due to overcrowding and credit for good behavior. a star of tv's 2 1/2 men is due in court later tie face
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assault charges. actor charlie sheen is expected to plead guilty to an assault charge in exchange for prosecutors dropping more serious charges. sheen is charged with mischief and assault against his wife after a christmas day dispute. his attorney said it includes 30 days in jail. knee problems kept albert haynesworth from taking his conditioning test again today. he walked around on the field this morning with trainers but his knee is still sore. he failed the test twice last week and had knee problems over the weekend. the head coach mike shanahan talked about haynesworth's knee. >> that's one of the reasons he is not out there practicing with the team. you have to be in a certain shape to go through a practice. and that knee after three sprints or back and forth, couldn't go any further. so hopefully with treatment, it gets better and he gets in football shape and he is ready to play with his teammates.
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>> coming up at 5:45, lindsey sits down with receiver santana moss. he addresses the hgh controversy. if you're a metro rider, get ready for another round of fare hikes. the new prices were supposed to start today but the transit agency said it wanted a little extra time to get the word out. now more on what riders can expect. >> reporter: an unexpected surprise for metro riders this morning. this was supposed to be the first rush hour with new higher fares. but confusion over fare charts prompted metro to push things back a day. the delay will allow metro to post signs on fare machines, telling riders that the prices on the new fare charts refer to smart trip cards only. not to paper that is significant because riders using paper cards will be charged an extra 25 cents. regular riders didn't seem all
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that fazed by what's going on. do you understand? >> oh, yeah, yeah. i don't think the people that run it necessarily understand it all but yeah, it is a piece of cake. >> i use the smart trip. so they made it pretty easy to understand it, plus i read the newspapers. >> reporter: not a big deal for you. >> no, not really. >> reporter: also taking effect tuesday is a 20-cent peek of the peak charge for travelers between 4:30 and 6:00 p.m. a morning peak charge takes effect later this month. a fee that some riders say is unfair. >> when they stay peek of the peak, i can't change my schedule so i can come in earlier or leave at a different time. so it is really, i think metro is thinking, okay, it is just impacting the federal employees and they have a subsidy. but there are some of us that don't get that subsidy and it does impact us. >> reporter: metro officials say
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the higher fares are needed to close a budget shortfall. riders can expect to pay more beginning tuesday. in the district, news4. we could get an overnight sprinkle out there. >> i actually opened the windows overnight. veronica johnson is here now with our first workweek forecast. >> hey there. it sounds like that's what you did. the windows open? it has been on the cool side because of the south easterly wind we've had coming off the water. it has produced cloud cover. look behind me here. we have mostly cloudy to partly sunny skies across the area. today, near 90 degrees, most neighborhoods, making it the coolest day since july 1st when we hit 81. manassas at 79 degrees. la plata at 81. cool spot right now, prce george's county, hyattsville at 78. look at the rainfall close to
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the quarter of an inch of rain. king george, virginia. we've had the wind out of the southeast. you can see the showers moving from south to northeast. a little cell right around i-66 in fairfax county. then a batch of rain making its way to anne arundel county. the shady side headed toward annapolis. the good forecast, 5:00, some drizzle. we've we'll start to see some fog develop as we get past midnight. the temperatures will be easing down into the low 70s by midnight. the heat and humidity is set to increase. the wet weather chance, how long it will be unsettled? we'll take a look at it all in a few minutes. >> thank you. will he look at the afternoon rush hour. charlie is in the traffic network. >> reporter: good afternoon. we're looking northbound 355 we
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have an accident to the right of the road fwha front of the dump. you can see the volume getting past that. everyone having to squeeze around and it is a little slow going. plenty of the volume on the beltway. we're looking at the outer loop to the left of the screen. lots of volume. all the way down to georgetown, you'll find delays northbound. ail just volume this afternoon. expected of volume, you're still leaving springfield. you continue that delay down and it opens up yet again. now become to you in the studio. two roman catholic nuns are in critical condition after a crash. 66-year-old denise mosher was killed. the nuns were driving through bristol when their car was hit head on. mosher was in the back seat and not wearing a seatbelt. police arrested the driver of the other car. 23-year-old carlos montana.
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police said he was under the influence of alcohol. he had been charged with d uchb i three time before and had a revoked license. >> sister denise was a beautiful person. a very spiritual person, a very jovial, happy person. she loves music and dance and she loves teaching. >> the nuns were plng on attending a retreat today. montgomery county police need your help identifying a jogger killed by a marc train. it happened a week ago near the kensington station. police canvassed the area handing out fliers with a sketch of the man. the man's body was found on the tracks but he didn't have any i.d. on him. no one has reported a man missing that fits the description. police say he was in his 30s and appeared to be an avid runner. bp engineers in the gulf of mexico are making final preparations for what could be the beginning of the end of the oil disaster. they hope to begin static kill
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procedure within the next 24 hours. a procedure that will hopefully plug the thing for good. more now from jay gray in venice, louisiana. crews moving forward with testing, using what engineers call base oil to see if they can push back the crude. >> the injection test is designed to do three things. number one, establish communication or a path for fluids to flow from the q-4000 down into the well itself. second, to establish pumping rates. >> reporter: if it works, team will begin the static kill, slowly pumping mud trying to drive the oil back into its natural reservoir into the seabed. even then, the fight, which has already lasted 105 days, won't be over. >> when we're done, the static kill, we'll have some choices to make. >> reporter: the most important choice, how to send in cement to
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permanently seal the well. >> decide, is it best on what we observed during the static kill to cement the well in a similar fashion that we did in the static kill, or is the best way to wait and expect with it the relief well. >> reporter: the primary relief well, long considered the ultimate fix, will be ready in a couple of week. even when the cement flows and the oil does not, there will still be plenty of concern and work left here. >> this isn't done for us. so all the soil out of the water, off the coast. until our wetlands are restored to the prespill status, for us this is a marathon. >> reporter: with hundred of thousands of gallons of oil in the water, no one along the gulf coast is ready to let down their guard. or give up the fight. tomorrow parish leaders will work on a long tomorrow commitment to the recovery here. venice, louisiana.
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when news4 at 4:00 continues, this afternoon, wall street gets a big lift to start the workweek. chelsea and mark are clearly so in love. you can see from their wedding photos she is absolutely beaming. >> the wedding of the year. what the former first astronaut the secretary of state wore on their big day. also local hospitals are gearing up for a busy month all because of the first warnings are last winter. you're watching news4 at 4:00.
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wall street starts with a rally. the dow closed up today. the nasdaq is up 40 point at 2295. the s&p 500 closed up 24 point. michelle obama and her 9-year-old daughter sasha will travel to spain tomorrow for a mother-daughter vacation. they'll spend four days in the small town. mrs. obama has reportedly reserved a block of rooms at a five-star hotel for the two of them, their friends and security detail. while it is described as a vacation, the first lady will also meet with the king and queen of spain while there. president obama will not make this trip and 12-year-old malia
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is away at camp. the first lady made a personal plea for healthier school lunches. she wrote an op ed piece encouraging congress to pass the child nutrition bill. it would require more fruits, veggies and whole grains, as well as less fat and salt in school breakfasts and lunch options. it would also eliminate the junk food in vending machines. the number low income children eligible for free and reduced lunch will expand. a federal judge refused to dismiss the challenge to the health care reform law. this morning the judge denied justice department's motion to dismiss the lawsuit. virginia attorney general claims congress exceeded its authority under the constitution's commerce clause by requiring residents to buy health insurance or pay a penalty.
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more than a thousand uninsured people are about to get free medical care in the district. part of a health clinic set up for wednesday at the washington convention center. we're about to give you some information so get your pen and paper ready. you can stop by for free medical treatment and screenings. this event is only fortune insured, and you must have an appointment. here we go. to get an appointment, call 877-233-5159. that number again, 877-233-5159. the information is also on our website. just search clinic. last winter's blizzards left many people snowed in and looking for ways to keep busy. some local hospitals are expecting a baby boom this fall. that's nine months after the blizzards, in case you didn't do the math. we did it for you. we're talking numbers. researchers are a little skeptical them say there is no evidence that blizzards lead to
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babies but some hospitals say childbirth classes are packed now with unusual numbers of mothers to be. august usually brings more babies than any other month. now, if you roll back the clock, about nine months, that means fall and when the mercury starts to drop, it is particularly referring to conceiving. the hype is over. chelsea clinton and marc mezvinsky were married tow weekend in rhinebeck, new york. the wedding went off without a hitch. >> reporter: by all accounts, it was an affair to remember. >> about 500 guests showed up to astor court for a magical evening. >> reporter: just before sunset on saturday evening, chelsea clinton and marc mezvinsky tied the knot on this beautiful sprawling estate overlooking the
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hudson river. >> bill walked his daughter down aisle in front of a home that really looked like the white house. >> reporter: the bride and jewish groom opted for an interfaith ceremony. >> there was a rabbi and a minister in attendance. the couple were married under a beautiful chuppah. >> she wore a strapless vera wang gown with silver beads. the mother of the bride, secretary of state hillary clinton, chose a beautiful oscar dela renta dress. during the same, the couple read a short poem about enduring love called the life that i have. >> bill gave a really touching toast but he was able to hold it together and did not even break down. >> reporter: most of the guests weren't the a-list celebrities but these personally know the couple. among the big names, madeleine albright, vernon jordan and actress marysteinberg enand ted
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danson. >> i can only imagine they did when our daughter got married. joy. >> reporter: in a statement, the clintons said they could not have asked for a more perfect day and they're so happy to welcome marc to the family. >> chelsea and marc are clearly so in love. you can see from the wedding photos, she is absolutely beaming. >> reporter: that was natalie morales reporting. there are reports the wedding cost between $2 and $5 million, and that the flowers alone cost $250,000. the on again, off again engagement between bristol palin and levi johnston is now off again. several sources say bristol palin ended her engagement to her baby's father. e-online reports bristol called off the wedding after an ex-girlfriend of johnston made some nasty comments about her in an interview. the young couple was the cover story of us weekly last month when they announced they were engaged for the second time. bristol, of course, is daughter
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of vice presidential -- former vice presidential nominee sarah palin. coming up on news4, passengers won't feel the spirit if they use one airline. >> the list of top party schools is out. find out where the university of maryland ranks. plus, animals at the zoo finding ways to cool off. [ malantiques can be nice.
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visit imagine if you had to wear a fur coat during a sweltering summer day. that's the situation facing the bears at jerusalem's zoo. they're keeping cool despite temperatures approaching triple digits. the bears are munching on frozen watermelon. the zoo keepers say they'll keep the treats coming as the weather heats up even more later in the week. >> europe has been under quite the heat wave. >> those bears know how to keep cool. >> you were reminding us, during cold months, nine months later we can expect lots of babies. >> it's true, although then they're not completely sure if
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blizzards really do that. we'll see, right? >> we'll find out. this week will look like this with our temperatures. starting out cool, we hit the high spot and then things will start cooling off again. today on the cool side, today the coolest since july 1 when we got to 81 degrees. let's go outside and i'll show you that sky. the blue there, the nice chunky, puffy clouds. there is still only a little rain. the temperature is at 81 degrees. reagan national airport. the humidity today, not all that bad either. making it feel like 84 degrees currently with the wind out of the south. now seven miles per hour. throughout the day we've had an east and south easterly wind overnight. i think we'll have more clouds coming through. 76 by 9:00. 74 by 11:00. then 70 to 72 to start the day tomorrow. we could have some more pockets of drizzle and fog around, as was the case this morning. the reason for that, the south easterly wind. look at that.
4:25 pm
you can see the showers moving from south to north. we've got high pressure making its way down the coast. the circulation around it, clockwise. you get the showers moving through. that's what we've seen here. i-66 getting more showers moving in. same thing around fauquier county. so manassas, centreville and shady side, as well as down south. some very light showers making its way to the nor. only producing a few hundreds of an inch of rain. that is coming again. we lose that tomorrow. so i don't think we'll see that, these types of conditions for tomorrow afternoon. a better chance for showers and storm from this weather front over the nation's mid section. the other thing, the heat will be building. 80s here today. then the heat. close to 100 degrees and close to that wichita, dallas and memphis over to tennessee. factor in the high human. and look at this. that's what it feels like. 116, 110. scorching, blazing heat there. it is a pattern change that will
4:26 pm
be coming our way as we get into the middle portion of the week. we'll start to cool down again as we get toward the end of the week and first part of the weekend. for tomorrow, a few clouds coming through as far as showers and storms go. we're back to that on wednesday as that weather system starts making its way into the area. your forecast for the evening, occasional drizzle. 88 to 75 degrees. your morning, 65 to 70 with drizzle and fog. then afternoon, 88 to 91. mainly dry across the area. again, the wet weather and heat come at the same time. still to come, president obama says the u.s. is not done sacrificing in iraq. the latest in the troop pullout. also ahead, vandals hit a local park. and a sudden flat tire can be a scary thing for drivers traveling with their families on vacation. we've got some expert advice on how to stay safe driving and traveling.
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welcome back to news4 at 4:00. i'm pat lawson muse. >> and i'm barbara harrison in for jim handly tonight. lindsay lohan is out of jail and in a rehab facility. she was transported right to rehab. she served 14 days and must now serve three months in rehab. albert haynesworth did not take his conditioning test again today. the defensive player tested his knee this morning but the knee was still too sore. haynesworth failed two tests last week and hasn't taken part in a team practice. we'll have the live report at 5:00. a man charged in quick the crash that took the life of a nun is an illegal immigrant with a history of drunk driving
4:31 pm
arrests. 23-year-old carlos montano was out of jail on bond awaiting deportation hearing. 66-year-old sister denise jeannette mosher was kill. as early as tomorrow, crews will start shoving and maybe cement into that blownout oil well in the gulf. the first step in the process of plugging the well for good. one month before the deadline set by president obama, he declared today the u.s. combat role will end in iraq at the end of august on schedule as promised. this comes as bombings and drive-by shootings in iraq have killed 12 people today. here's the latest. >> reporter: after seven years and 36,000 u.s. killed and wounded in iraq, just four weeks to go and president obama took credit, reminding veterans in atlanta, he pledged by august 31, to tend u.s. combat role.
4:32 pm
>> that's exactly what we are doing. as promised and on schedule. >> reporter: to train iraqis, 50,000 u.s. forces will remain in iraq in danger until the end of next year. >> make no mistake, our commitment in iraq is changing from a military effort led by our troops to a civilian effort led by our diplomats. >> reporter: with u.s. forces set to leave, violence is way up. in part, because iraqi politicians can't decide who should govern. july was the deadliest month for iraqis since 2008. more than 500 killed. can the divided nations survive the u.s. pullout? >> iraqi has come a long way. more likely than not, they will find some way to hold things together. >> reporter: if they cannot, will we? >> if it devolves into open civil war again, it is hard to imagine that we would reenter
4:33 pm
convenient. >> reporter: afghanistan is now more urgent. that's where barack obama is focused. and he vows, he'll focus on u.s. iraq veterans, still suffering the effects of the war long after they've served. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. a virginia water park reopened today after vandals trashed it over the weekend. take a look at the damage at the water works. the prince william park authorities took pictures. the vandals broke into a freezer at the park and they dumped the hamburgers, the french fries and the pretzels into the main pool. then they tossed lifeguard stands, tables and chairs into the pool as well. the damage is so extensive, the main pool had to be drained, sanitize asked refilled. that took two days to do. the damage is estimated at about $16,000. ocean city councilmembers are looking to ban laser pointers for anybody under 18 years old.
4:34 pm
in the last six weeks, police say green colored laser pointers have explode in popularity them say city vendors have sold about 30,000 of them just this summer. it is already illegal in the state of maryland to shine laser point orders to other people. the counsel is expected to meet later today to talk about emergency legislation regarding the ban. tennis is the talk of the town right now. today, mayor fenty and members of the tennis association referred two recently refurbished courts. it is part of a fresh courts initiative going on across the country. it ames at fixing up courts to revive interest with young people. >> i know firsthand, to have good courts to play on. that's where america's next great players will come from. >> the usta and american express
4:35 pm
are rent vaigt 17 courts across the country. we go to the roads this afternoon to check out the rush hour. >> hey, charlie. >> reporter: good afternoon. we have problems in both virginia and maryland. southbound 95 between spring sealed in route one. heavy volume that is closing in. upper, westbound, 66. we have an accident that's blocking the left lane. you'll pick that up in rosslyn. if you travel the 70 toward the beltway, toirt loop of the beltway to the left of the screen. very heavy to this point down to over the american legion bridge. back to you in the studio. >> thanks, charlie. there's more to come including veronica's latest forecast. also ahead, west virginia and maryland make the top list of party schools. find out which school is number one. and a discount airline now charges for carry-on baggage. imagine if it were this easy to spot the good guys.
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you know, the guys who always do a super job. well, it is. just go to the verizon® yellow pages. and look for a business with the superguarantee® shield. you'll get the job done right, or we'll step in and help to make it right. so, protect yourself with the superguarantee® from supermedia. on its way-- the new verizon® yellow pages with larger, easier to read print.
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meet pnc virtual wallet. it comes with a wish list, that helps you set aside money for the stuff that really matters... just put the things you want on your wish list... and contribute money when you feel like it... then, watch as you get closer to getting what you want. wish list is built to make saving a whole lot more fun. experience all the ways virtual wallet can help you save at pnc. for the achiever in us all. the princeton review is back with its annual school rankings. >> after a school of 122,000 college students, it has crowned a new top party school. coming up at number one, the university of georgia. the school has made the top ten before but never taken the top spot.
4:39 pm
ohio university ranked second. and penn state came in at the number three spot. west virginia university rounded out the top four. the university of maryland in college park made the top 20, coming in at number 19. brigham young university ranked the most stone cold sober school for the 12th year in a row. >> that's where i'm going to send my daughter. >> you can send her to your alma mater. the university of north carolina. >> that's true. i guess i could. >> she's headed for byu. okay. >> so yeah. we're taking a look at the tropics. it's hurricane season. we're month away from peak hurricane season. i was talking to barbara a second ago. she has friends maybe headed to bermuda. what's on the board? tropical depression number four. so it could become tropical storm collin.
4:40 pm
a depression now but likely to strengthen and be upgraded, possibly within the next 24 hours. not a threat to land but the track, watch it, to the west northwest. again, strengthening. it could be near the leeward islands on thursday. then could hopefully move between bermuda and the u.s. coastline by the time we get to the weekend vefl close to probably more toward bermuda than the u.s. coastline. as for our weather around here, what's going on? unsettled weather. the southeast wind tomorrow but with that high-pressure system starting to lose its grip and kind of a pattern change with more of a ridge taking place. we're due to hit 90. more sunshine expected. later tonight, we'll drop to 76 by 9:00. 74 at 11:00. 5:00 and 7:00 a.m., 70 to 72 degrees. so right now, some fog is possible. a little bit of drizzle, too, for early tomorrow morning. the sun is up at 6:11.
4:41 pm
spots like winchester, mainly dry. the areas off the water, off potomac. then 90 degrees tomorrow. that's the high that i'm ants participating. notice those areas west around west virginia where there could be some isolated thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. the seven-day forecast, we bring not only the humidity but some haze for wednesday and thursday. 95 to 97. that will put the heat index well over 100 degrees. 92 with the low human on 48. the weekend right now, temperatures in the 80s. we could be looking at some passing showers. not too bad. not looking anything like it did the early part of the summer where we had the 90s, 90s, 90s, and triple digit readings. >> we're all happy about that. when news4 at 4:00 continue, the movies. and carry-on bags.
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visit "inception" is still on top. it was the number one movie for the third straight weekend after taking in another $27.5 million in ticket sales since friday. dinner for schmucks came in
4:45 pm
third. despicable me rounds out the top four. go ahead and call her mrs. beast shelf married her long time boyfriend. the two have been together since 2008 and they're expecting a child later this year. us weekly reports, the two tied the knot in a private ceremony in the mediterranean. this is keys' first marriage and the second for him. a record for tell thurgood airport. more than 2 million passengers flew through this morning. an increase over 9%. and june was the secost month, second only to august 2001, southwest airlines and air tran airways are the top two fliers. the strong performance out of bwi marshall is another indicator that maryland's economic recover 50 well
4:46 pm
underway. if you play the spirit airlines, you're going to have to pay to carry on bags from now on. the airline which flies in and out of reagan national is now charging for all carry-on baggage that doesn't sit under the seat. spirit's president said the carry-on baggage has gotten out of control and has led to injuries because of jam packed overhead bins. passengers who need space will now be charged $30 at check-in. that goes up to $45 if you pay at the gate. carry-on bags, the pet has the list of the best airlines for pet owners. if you're on a budget, they suggest air tran. they will let you bring any small dog or cat or bird for about $69 each way. if your set that a bit more exotic, try frontier airlines. it call for the best variety including guinea pigs and
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rabbits and hampsters. last, jet blue. it offers the most amenities including a carrier bag tag and a guide. it ranks the best in terms of animal health and safety. this is travel season. and thousands of families are driving to vacations around the country. if you were behind the wheel, be on alert. the wrong reaction to a tire blowout can cause a very serious know. with the help of the how-to website, monkey, an expert driver explains the steps to take to keep your family safe. >> reporter: triers the most important part of your vehicle. the modern tires provide high traction and great reliability. the tires can fail. they might fail because of a puncture or a slow leak or heat build-up due to improper pressure if you experience a blowout, remain calm and remember two key steps. first, stabilize the vehicle. second, pull off the road
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safely, first, stabilizing the vehicle. stay calm and if a front tire blows out, you will appeal the strong pull to one side. if a rear tire blows out, you might feel the rear of the car sway back and forth. maintain a fuhrman grip on the steering wheel and maintain a straight course. ease up on the accelerator but stay off the the brakes. if you apply the brakes, it may upset the vehicle's balance making a risky situation even worse. once the vehicle has coasted down to 20 to 25 miles an hour, then you can gently fly brakes if needed. second, your focus should be on finding a safe place to pull off the road. check the traffic around you. feigned a safe gap. signal and steer off the road. don't worry about the condition of your tire or if you have to drive on it for a short distance. chances are, it is not safe for future use anyway. hit the parking brake and shift to park. turn on your emergency flashers, and then get everyone out of the
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vehicle and into a safe position. never put yourself at risk when changing a tire. it important to check your tire appreciate our a regular basis, at least once a month, so you can prevent any unnecessary tire blowouts. safe driving. and to see this demonstration again, stris home page. and search flat tire. coming up at 4:00, astronauts get ready for a busy week in space.
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a million dollars worth of pot and half a million dollars in cocaine. police pulled off a major drug bust in chicago. they walked up to a suspect's car and found more than $70,000 inside. they also found 1,900 pounds of marijuana in the man's home. there is no immediate danger but snaus on board the international space station are now planning an emergency space walk. >> it is planned for thursday. they will venture outside to fix a cooling system that shut town over the weekend. the space station has two such systems that are used to keep important electronic from overheating. this week's failure forced astronauts to shut down half the station's operations. still ahead on news4 at
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4:00, the first ever trial of embryonic stem cells on human patients. plus, the internet and teenage depression. driven to distraction. hear how many teenagers are admitting to texting behind the wheel, even though they know it is dangerous. dentures are softer than teeth.
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embryonic stem cell therapy will soon be tested on human patients. the fda has given the company the green light for the first ever clinical trial on humans. the corporation will try the therapy on ten patients, all with severe spinal chord injuries. stem cell have the bail to transform into any cell in the body. but the technique is controversial because harvesting embryos for stem cells also destroys them. right now, scientists hope to prove the technique is safe. it could eventually treat alzheimer's disease and multiplesclerosis.
4:57 pm
doctors are examining the impact of the internet on teenagers. a new study suggests too much time in front of the computer might lead to serious mental health issues. erica edwards has more on what parents can do to help. like pep rallies and pimples, the internet has become a fixture in the world of teenagers. there is research to be done online for school work, not to mention the huge popularity of social networking. when the net is the only social scene a teen has, experts say it is a sign of a serious problem. >> whether you're limiting your interactions or impacting your school work or your job or your interactions with your family, that's when we start thinking something is looking more pathological. >> reporter: in fact, pathological or excessive use of the internet may lead to depression in teens, according to new research. researchers say the teenagers in their study were mentally healthy at the beginning of the study. but those who became addicted to
4:58 pm
using the internet were 2 1/2 time more likely to become depressed within a matter of months. what is unclear is which came first. the internet or the risk for depression. researchers did not ask the teens whether they had a family history of mental illness. >> it is a little hard to know if it is the internet impacting depression or if depression impacts internet useful. >> reporter: the child psychologists say teen should be limited to about an hour of screen tame each day. that includes mindlessly surfing the net, social networking, video game, tv and movies. >> we need to make sure they're still involved in other activities like sports or clubs or going out with their friends so they're still getting that social interaction. >> reporter: and not social isolation. nbc news. >> that's news4 at 4:00. news4 at 5:00 starts right now.
4:59 pm
first at 5:00, a developing story out of fairfax county. an elementary school special ed teacher is in trouble, charged with cruelty to children. >> two children have come forward and police fear there may be more victims out there. john schriffen is live in the newsroom with the latest allegations and the arrest. >> reporter: police say these are very serious charges involving not just young children, age 4 and 5 burk children that are autistic. police say sometime during may and july of this year, the 33-year-old special ed teacher jena physically, verbally and mentally abused two autistic children that were under her care. the incidents allegedly occurred here in centreville. police will not disclose the disturbing vehicles of the alleged incidents because this is still an ongoing investigation. in a pler went home to parents, the school said it was reported by a teacher's aide inside the classroo


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